Is a HCG diet right for you

According to Dr. Simon’s published studies, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) helps in breaking down the abnormal fat stores in body. Abnormal fat is very difficult to lose with regular diet and exercise. However, HCG injections help mobilize and eliminate abnormal fat stores in the body when there is a significant decrease in calorie intake.

A low calorie diet normally causes our metabolism to slow down and actually store fat for future use if another episode of “starvation” were to happen. However, when using HCG in conjunction with a low calorie diet, the body is signaled to use this fat instead of storing it away for future use.  HCG also helps to suppress your appetite by making the fat reserves available for immediate use and this in return increases your energy level.

In our HCG program, the injections are combined with a special medically-supervised low calorie diet plan. This diet is designed to encourage your body to burn as much fat as possible while the HCG injections are at work.

Individual results will vary, but in our experience, dieters can loose from half pound up to three pounds per day

Please beware of online advertisement trying to tell you that you can do an HCG diet without a doctor or are selling unregulated syringes of HCG

You must have medical supervision for the HCG diet to be safe and effective.

AUTHOR Dr.Sedaghat