How HCG diet is different than other programs?

Have you already tried any other weight loss method which you have seen improvements but not as much as you would like to have seen?

Let’s face it, sticking to fussy meal plans and exercise is not doable long-term. Here is where the Lux medical spa institute will offers the HCG weight loss program which is different than regular programs.What makes the HCG diet different?Our HCG diet includes your meal plan which even includes your grocery shopping list and hormonal therapy.

This program will reduce your appetite and craving, helping you to eat healthier and most importantly will increases your metabolism. Once you get qualified, you will receive injections of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and lipotropic once a week based on your individual needs.

 Diet and exercise help your body eliminate calories you have already consumed while HCG enables you to avoid excess calories and use calories better. Maintaining a reasonable diet and exercise plan in addition to HCG can still be the most effective way to boost and sustain your HCG results.

HCG program at Lux medical spa institute is a medically-supervised diet and hormone therapy treatment — not a fad diet or meal-plan system. Call Lux medical spa institute 714-752-4200 to learn more and setup your free in-person consultation.